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Who Is A Mobile Patrol Officer & Why Do You Need Them

While the rate of violent crimes in Australia is low, the statistics of less heinous crimes in large urban areas is quite shocking. Since last year, cities such as Melbourne and Victoria have reported an increase in the cases of theft, burglary, property damage….

Importance of Crowd Controllers

How would you describe the first stage event you saw in an arena full of energetic people? We hope it was splendid but in case it was not we also know what might have gone wrong that day. Most of the packed concerts, events, and gigs accommodate a huge crowd. As a result, some people […]

Who is a loss Prevention Officer?

Introduction As an owner of a retail store or a business, theft is one of the most worrisome concerns you must be dealing with frequently. According to the Australian and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey, around 50% of revenue is lost due to internal and external unlawful activities including thefts and shoplifting. To prevent such […]