Commercial and residential buildings demand a plethora of services, the foremost being the security of people. In addition to a safe environment, people also need a concierge service to ensure a friendly and warm environment to reside or work.

Usually building owners spend tons of money to hire separate people for both these services. However, to cut down the costs, increase efficiency and management, you can avail Concierge Security service that are a combination of both.

What is a Concierge Security Service?

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Concierge Security services are two services combined, namely, the concierge and security service. Along with taking care of the needs of the residents and customers, the concierge security service includes maintaining safety in the building and the area surrounding it, monitoring cameras, using security tools and softwares. It provides a fearless and warm environment where people can reside or work peacefully.

Who are Concierge Security officers?

Concierge Security officers are those professionals who receive special training to provide concierge security services in residential or commercial buildings. They have several characteristics and perform a variety of functions.

1. Highly Experienced- Concierge security officers are highly experienced professionals who have previously worked as a security officer or a watchman in buildings. They can analyze risks and dangerous situations and take actions accordingly. The officers are also great at providing customer support and services to the residents and visitors. These officers have years of experience in managing operations in buildings.

2. Have Security License- Since the main job of a concierge security officer is to maintain security and safety in the building, they possess security licences. It gives them the authority to take strict actions against trespassers or dangerous people. In case of emergency, they can also examine an intruder and detain him.

3. Trained Professionals- Concierge Security Officers receive specialized training for their duties. They behave professionally and render all their responsibilities efficiently.

4. Pleasantly Welcome Guests- Another primary task of a concierge security officer is to greet the visitors and guests in the building. They receive the guests pleasantly and escort them. The officer also requests them to wait, conducts security checks, provides directions and meets other requirements from time to time.

Why is it important to avail Concierge Security Services?

As the owner of a residential or commercial building, the needs and interests of your clients should come first. To ensure that your clients feel safe and are satisfied with the amenities, must avail concierge security services.

1. Safety and Security of Buildings- In 2020, several states in Australia reported 2.2% household break-ins whereas, the rate of motor vehicle theft from households was around 3.1%. Due to the increasing rate of break-ins and theft, it is essential to avail concierge security services so that the residents and other people in the buildings feel secure. Concierge security services will also make sure that people do not fear any loss or damage to their lives or property.

2. Camera Monitoring- Installing cameras in buildings is necessary to maintain the safety of people and to record activities. However, installation alone does not suffice. The cameras should also be monitored regularly. Concierge security officer does this job. He keeps a close check on all the activities that are recorded in the camera. In case of any unusual behaviour, he will inspect the area immediately. Along with monitoring, the concierge security officer will also ensure the proper functioning of all the security cameras in the vicinity.

3. Easy Management of in and out Timings- With a large number of people visiting the buildings each day, it becomes difficult to keep track of them. A concierge security officer makes this job easier for you. He will record the in and out timings of the clients, residents, workers as well as visitors. It will prevent any harmful person from entering the buildings.

4. Customer Service Becomes Easy- Along with providing safety, the building owners must also ensure a warm and friendly environment to all the people working or residing there. People may not like being under surveillance all the time. It is why you should hire a concierge security officer who receives and welcomes guests and visitors, answers their queries, escorts them and fulfils other requirements.

5. Admin Work and Ad hoc duties For The Client is Taken Care of- A concierge security officer will handle the front-desk operations. He will also take care of the management while keeping a check on the overall operational activities in the building. He will prepare reports of incidents that take place in the building. He can receive packages of residents and get them delivered and also perform other relevant duties that are assigned to him from time to time.

How is Baaz Security’s concierge security service better than others’?

Baaz Security provides you with the best concierge security officers who have several years of experience. They are not only expert at dealing with security matters, but are also experienced when it comes to offering top-notch customer service to guests. They are all-rounders with exceptional multi-tasking abilities.

Along with ensuring safety in the buildings, our concierge security officers also take charge of the front desk, manage operations, welcome visitors, keep a tab on entries and exits and a lot more. To ensure the efficiency of services, all our security officers undergo professional as well as specialised training to meet all your requirements.

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Baaz Security acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connection to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present, and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

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