While the rate of violent crimes in Australia is low, the statistics of less heinous crimes in large urban areas is quite shocking. Since last year, cities such as Melbourne and Victoria have reported an increase in the cases of theft, burglary, property damage, trespassing, breaking into the house and other offences, 70% of the crimes being non-violent. The victims of such crimes are individuals, businesses as well as organizations.

Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive steps to safeguard yourself from becoming a victim of theft, property loss or damage.

One of the best ways to prevent any loss is to hire a mobile patrol officer. He is different from a security guard and performs several roles. Let us see what exactly a patrol officer does.

Who is a Mobile Patrol Officer?

The primary role of a mobile patrol officer is to protect your assets from theft, loss or damage. They are specially trained officers that get hired to keep a check on large areas, multiple sites or private neighbourhoods. These officers safeguard the area from any unwanted or criminal activities.

Keeps a check on all activities-

The chief role of a patrolling officer is to inspect and monitor neighbourhoods, complexes or offices. He patrols the entire area either on foot or in a patrolling van to monitor any suspicious activities. The officer is equipped with technological gadgets and has the authority to restrain a person from entering the premises. He will keep an eye on all the activities taking place in the building or in the neighborhood.

Prevents and Reports Damage-

Another crucial role of a mobile patrolling officer is to prevent loss or damage to the assets or property caused by theft or mischief. Patrolling officers are vigilant at all times. They have great observation skills. Unlike the security guards, a mobile patrolling officer is always on the lookout for any dangerous or unwanted activities. If he witnesses any damage or loss, he reports it to the concerned people.

Instant response to alarm-

Whenever a security alarm buzzes off, a mobile patrol officer responds immediately. He will instantly trace the location of the alarm, reach the place and take appropriate action. In case of an emergency, he even has the authority to close or open all the security gates and entry/exit points.

Why do you need a Mobile Patrol Officer?

He can guard a large area-

As already discussed in the beginning, the cases of theft in Australia is significantly high. It is more alarming if you have multiple sites or shops that need to be protected. Instead of hiring a separate security guard for each site, a patrol officer alone will guard all your sites. It will help you to cut down on the expenses and will keep your property safe.

He has the authority to detain-

Another advantage of hiring a mobile patrol officer is that they have the authority to detain the offenders. While a security guard may only be able to scare off the thieves, a mobile patrolling officer has the authority to detain them when caught red-handed. It helps in the prevention of offences. Even if the officer finds some suspicious person near the patrolling site that may cause potential harm, he can detain him, issue warnings and even ask for identity proof.

He has received special medical training-

One of the most important benefits of hiring the mobile patrolling officers is that they are trained in providing first-aid and medical help. They can also take immediate and necessary actions during emergencies. In case the situation ever gets out of control while patrolling or if there is an accident, the patrolling officer will carry out emergency actions and will also provide first-aid.

Why should you seek our services for hiring a mobile patrol officer?

Our mobile patrol officers possess excellent observation skills and have undergone specialized training to inspect, monitor and prevent all kinds of offences. They have several years of experience and are equipped in providing first-aid in case of emergency.

Baaz Security provides the best mobile patrol officers along with top-notch security gadgets and technological equipment and it has also been touted as one of the best Security companies in Australia. Our patrol officers undergo several levels of scrutiny to ensure that they are efficient to deal with all kinds of situations that may arise while patrolling.They not only make sure that the vicinity is protected from any offences but also detain the offenders.

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