Static Guards

Static security guards are people who patrol as well as inspect properties against theft, fire, terrorism, illegal activity and vandalism. They monitor all people coming in and going out of the property and the entire building to deter crime.

What does security guards typically do?

Static guards generally do a lot of things when on duty:

  • Monitoring alarms & CCTV cameras
  • Protect ing& enforcing laws on the employer’s property
  • Controlling access for visitors, employees & outside contractors
  • Performing security checks on a specific region
  • Writing comprehensive and detail reports on what they witnessed when they were patrolling
  • Detaining criminal violators
  • Interviewing witnesses for court testimony

The static security guards need to remain alert throughout during their shift. If situations arise, they may even call for help from fire, police or ambulance service. Some guards also happen to be armed.

Job responsibilities of static security guards

The job responsibilities of a security guard may vary from one employer to the other:

Retail stores: Here guards are responsible in protecting people, merchandise, records, equipment and money. They can work with detectives to deter theft by employees or customers, detain shoplifting suspects until the arrival of police and patrol the parking lots.

Office buildings, hotels, banks & hospitals: In these establishments, guards try their best to upkeep the order & protect the customers, property and staff.

Museums and art galleries: In museums and art galleries, static security guards protect the exhibits and paintings by keeping a close eye on the people and inspecpecting packages entering & leaving the premises.

Government buildings, factories & military bases: The role of the security guards in government buildings, factories & military bases is to protect products and information and check people’s credentials and vehicles that enter and leave the premises.

Universities, parks and stadiums: In parks, universities and sports stadiums, static guards control crowd, supervise parking & seating, and engage in direct traffic.

Bars & nightclubs: In bars & nightclubs bouncers (guards) keep people who are under-age from entering the premises, collect cover charges at door and put their best efforts to maintain order amongst the customers.

Security guard’s workplace

Security guards can work in various kinds of environments like retail stores, office buildings and public buildings. Guards serving as transportation security screener typically work in sea, air, rail terminals & other transportation facilities. Static guards usually spend a lot of their duty time on their feet, either patrolling the premises or being assigned to a particular post. Some guards may even sit for hours at a guardhouse or behind the counter to a gated facility.

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